About Us


Integrity Back and Brain was opened in 2009 in an effort to provide excellent care to those with spinal cord injuries. As survivors ourselves, we strive to provide our clients the greatest possible level of health care and personal service. We understand, on every level, what it takes at home, with family, and in society, as we work towards recovery and wellness.

President and CEO of Integrity Back and Brain, Adam Grassl, began his journey on July 4th, 2001. While wrestling with a friend in his backyard, he landed on his neck breaking C4, C5 and C6, leaving him a C6 incomplete quadriplegic. After much rehabilitation and the help of his community he pushed on.

In 2003, he found dissatisfaction with the medical supply companies in the area. When the big DME’s were unable to provide him with his specific needs, he opened Spartan Medical Supply LLC..

Then, in 2009, Adam decided to expand his business. With his understanding and knowledge of living with a spinal cord injury, coupled with his involvement within the SCI and brain injury community, and the encouragement from others looking for an alternative, he opened Integrity Back and Brain.

Adam lives in Mattawan with his wife and their three beautiful children.